The Script — August 7, 2016

The Script

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“The banter is excellent.  The dialogue is great.  Very relatable, funny, and story driven…Good tenstion; the pacing is very strong without.  Refreshingly well developed.” – professional reader, Austin Film Festival

*Top 15%, 2015 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition


A cynical, established screenwriter and a starry-eyed, by-the-book novice are forced by their agent to co-write a script.

SKYE MALONE is a screenwriter waiting for her big break. She thinks up the perfect screenplay, but then discovers that her nemesis, ERIC, an established screenwriter, has already pitched the same idea to their agent, CAMERON.

Cameron urges them to co-write the script, combining her superior writing with his experience and better ideas. Skye and Eric protest, but at the risk of losing the script altogether, they reluctantly agree. Skye needs her big break, and Eric needs the money to care for his dying mother.

At Eric’s beach house in Virginia Beach, they soon discover how little they have in common.  She’s an old-fashioned Luddite, who insists on writing by-the-book.  He’s rebellious and spontaneous, a major technophile with all the latest gadgets.   He’s on his Mac notebook, while she’s in her spiral notebook.

Skye and Eric each deal with secrets and personal demons from their past.  They start to open up and become close, and eventually they hit a groove with their writing.

As they hunker down to work with no distractions, they have no warning of the major hurricane headed their way.  When their work is destroyed, along with their relationship, they have to find a way to piece their work and their lives back together again.